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Your Biggest Front Porch FAQs Answered

As soon as the summer heat kicks in, questions start flooding my inbox about front porches and curb appeal.

It seems like we (me included) neglect our porches until the end of spring, then we jump into a crazy frenzy to do an update in the hottest heat of the year.

Just last week I was outside at 4:00 in 94 degrees repainting my porch railings.

Go ahead and call me a loony bin. I’ll agree with you.

But I bet you’ve done it before, too.

So in the spirit of all the insane women like me that do your curb appeal improvements in the hottest time of the year, I’m sharing the most frequently asked questions I’ve received and my best answers for them all.

1. How Do I Choose Door And Shutter Color Combos That Work Well Together?

When I’m building an exterior color scheme, I start with the part that can’t be changed with a gallon of paint.

The exterior itself.

Whether you have vinyl siding, brick, stone, or wood, it’s all difficult and expensive to change.

Your best bet is to work with it, not against it. Look for complimentary colors for your shutters, then find a fun color you love for your door.

By starting with the exterior walls, then choosing the shutters, then the door last, you’re sure to make a perfect match.

And a quick FYI, it’s totally fine for the door and shutters to match, and totally fine to be different colors. It’s a personal preference and there aren’t any “rules.”

And truth be told, I’ve painted my door three times in three years, and I’m probably going to do it again. So don’t worry about stressing over the perfect color.

2. What’s The Best Low-Budget Porch Upgrade?

Plants and flowers!

Nothing brings color and life to a space like plants and flowers.

So of course, they’re perfect for a porch.

Keep an eye out for sales on plants and pots and scoop them up when they’re half off.

As an added bonus, some of them can live a long time, so you can bring them inside in the colder months and have them out on your porch again for years to come.

**Tip: Large pots get super heavy when filled full of soil. Toss a few empty (clean) plastic bottles in the bottom to fill space and lighten the load. It’s also a great way to recycle!

House Numbers

3. What’s A Fun Way I Can Add Some Character To My Porch?

My first suggestion is always a new light fixture.

It’s amazing what new lighting can do to a porch.

But if a new fixture is out of your price range, go for some pretty house numbers.

Cast iron or acrylic like the ones I have are such a major improvement over those cheap ones you can buy from Walmart.

They look great on or above the door, on porch railings or posts, and on the front of closed steps.

4. Which Accessories Are Worth Having And Which Are A Waste?

Rugs and cushions are a definite yes.

Anything that adds texture is perfect for adding the cozy factor.

Outdoor lamps, plants in pretty pots, and upgraded hardware is also a go.

I would, however, avoid excessive decoration, furniture not intended for outdoor use, and things that can be damaged by the elements.

Save the garden gnomes for the garden and the ceramic dishes for parties only.

front porch texture

5. What’s A Great Way To Add Impact To My Outdoor Entryway?

Paint, Paint, Paint!

You can stencil on patterns to wood, vinyl, and concrete decking, as well as stairs and sidewalks.

It’s a cheap and easy update that packs a big punch.

My favorite that I’ve seen so far is this one by my friend Kari Anne at Thistlewood Farms.

Have a front porch question of your own?

I’d love to help!

You can comment below, contact me here, or message me on social media @inthenewhouse.

I’ll answer as soon as I possibly can.

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