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Keep A Measurement List In Your Phone

Learn what measurements you should keep in your phone so you're always prepared during shopping trips

Have you ever been at HomeGoods and found the most fabulous sideboard?

You know the one I’m talking about.

It’s the perfect shape, style, color, and price.

But it seems a little long and you aren’t sure if it will even fit in your dining room.

But it’s Saturday. The store is packed. And they’ve only got one.

By the time you went home, measured the space, came back to the store, found a parking spot, and hustled to the back of the store, that sweet little beauty would already be long gone.

This has totally happened to you before, right?

Whether you were at a yard sale, antique store, flea market, craft fair, or shopping out of town, not having measurements on hand can ruin your shot of bringing home that once in a lifetime furniture find.

The fix?

Your phone.


We already keep tons of stuff we barely even need on there, so why not make some space for something that’s actually useful?

You know that Notes section?

It’s your handy dandy notebook for logging important spaces, sizes, and information.

You can get extra fancy if you want and download apps to organize your data, but as long as the system works for you, you don’t have to get crazy with the technology.

Need some ideas of what might be useful? Start with these:

Wall lengths and ceiling heights for furniture placements

Window measurements for curtains, blinds, and hardware

Room area for large rugs (length x width = area)

Television widths

Sofas, chairs, beds, benches, and other seating measurements

Dining table lengths for table cloths

Door Opening Widths (to be sure you can get your new piece into your house)

Counter lengths and heights for barstools and appliances

Shower lengths for curtains and rods

Garage and storage shed measurements

Air filter sizes

Light bulb sizes and wattages

Save furniture and room measurements in your phone for easy reference

Another thing I like to do is keep a small tape measure in my purse (and another in my car) so I can measure a piece I’m crushing on while I’m at the store.

I love this set of 4 from Titan. (aff link)

By checking the piece size with the measurements saved in my phone, I can guarantee there won’t be a return trip for exchanges.

And I don’t know how much time you’re working with, but here at The New House, my time runs short. 🙂

Do you keep measurements in your phone already? Have something to add to the list?

I’d love to hear your input!

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