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Easy DIY Kid’s Storage Labels For Fabric Bins

Learn how to label fabric storage cube bins for kids using this easy method that can be changed out as your kids’ needs evolve.

Fabric cube bins are the go-to storage container for kids’ bedrooms and playrooms because they’re cheap and easy to stock up on, but unless these bins have labels, you can expect them to turn into a hot mess mini toy box in a week or less. If your kids have fabric cube bins in their rooms and you’re struggling to find an effective way to label them, I found the best hack, and there are two easy ways to pull it off. You ready for this? Fellow Mama friend, let me introduce to you to name badge holders.

DIY Name Badge Labels For Fabric Bins

There are two ways you can make these fabric bin labels, and both use Name Badge holders. You can make the inserts using cardstock, markers, and scissors, or you can make the inserts using a Cricut machine. I’ll break down what you need and how to pull off this super easy project for both methods below.

Supplies You Need For The Cricut Method:

Supplies You Need Without A Cricut Machine:

Cricut Name Badge Labels For Kid’s Fabric Bins

  1. Open a new project in Cricut Design Space and load your light grip mat with the cardstock of your choice.
  2. Measure the inserts that came with your name badges, then create a rectangle in Design Space with those dimensions.
  3. Add text using the Draw function, and set the font to “Writing”.
  4. Select both your rectangle and your written font and click “Attach”.
  5. Repeat for all other labels.
  6. Click Make It.
  7. Choose the cardstock setting and insert the pen you want to use into your machine.
  8. Once written and cut, remove the labels from the mat and insert into name badges.
  9. Attach badges onto the cube bins using the safety pin.

Handmade Name Badge Labels For Kid’s Fabric Bins

  1. Using the inserts that came with your name badges as a template, cut out new inserts with the cardstock paper. (The inserts that come with the badges are thin and look really cheap, that’s why I suggest making new ones with cardstock)
  2. Write each label text using pens or markers. Bonus points if you let your kid help write the words or decorate the tags.
  3. Insert cardstock labels into name badges.
  4. Attach badges onto the cube bins using the safety pin.
kids fabric bin labels by Lela Burris Organized-ish

Why These Name Badge Labels Are Great For Kid’s Storage

As kids get older, their toys, clothes, and needs change, so you’ll likely be swapping out the soft toy cars for action figures later on. By using the name badge holders, you just attach the badge onto the fabric bin once, then you can change out the label inserts any time you need to. This is especially helpful during season changes. You can write winter accessories on one side of the label insert, and bathing suits on the other side, then just flip the tag and change the bin contents.

This is such a helpful way to keep your kiddo in the loop about what goes where, and teaches them to clean up properly. You can’t really expect them to clean up their room if there are nine cube bins in a shelf and none of them have labels on them.

I’ve been using these badge labels with my son for almost four years and I have noticed he’s gotten a lot better about cleaning up correctly. Actually, just a few weeks ago I was helping him clean up all his “critters” as I call them (they’re really 12″ figures) and I just put a bunch of them all in one bin.

He immediately stopped me and said “that bin is for good guys Mom. Venom is a bad guy. He goes in this one.” I was both proud and annoyed…

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