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20 Lists To Make To Declutter Your Brain

When your brain is starting to feel overwhelmed and scattered, these 20 lists will help you declutter your thoughts and get clear on what’s important.

Have you ever felt like your brain has 30 tabs open and you have no idea which one to even look at? Wait, you feel like that almost every day of your life? Me too! As a busy working mama, I know you are going non-stop from the time your eyes open in the morning until the time you fall asleep on the couch with your hand still in the popcorn bowl. But what if I told you I had a solution to help you declutter your brain and focus on just one thing at a time? The secret…making one of these 20 lists.

lists to organize your brain

Best Lists To Make To Clear Your Mind

  1. Things you’re grateful for
  2. Things you need to buy
  3. Areas of your home you need to declutter
  4. Things you started but haven’t finished
  5. Tasks you’ve been avoiding
  6. Things that make you smile
  7. Things that give you anxiety
  8. Things you need to clean
  9. People you need to call or text
  10. Books you want to read
  11. Movies you want to watch with your family
  12. Blogs you like to read
  13. Bucket list for the next year
  14. Rainy day crafts for your kids
  15. Date night ideas
  16. Wish list for ___
  17. Restaurants to try
  18. NOT to do list
  19. Yard Sale/Thrift Store things to keep an eye out for
  20. Measurements of rooms and storage furniture
lists for scatterbrained people

Prioritize Your List

Now that you’ve made a list and emptied out your mind a little, don’t just close the notebook and let that list die in there. Prioritize anything you wrote that needs immediate attention, scheduling, or to be done. Then plug in those tasks into your calendar, making sure to allocate enough time for unexpected roadblocks.

After you’ve planned out when you’ll tackle the priorities, put a reminder in your phone to check back on your list in two weeks to find the next set of priorities. You’ll stay focused and on track when you have a small and manageable plan on paper versus a thousand to-dos floating around in your brainbox. Learn more about lists like these (I call them brain dumps) in this post.

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