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How To Shop Early For Holiday Gifts

Learn how to plan, shop, and store holiday gifts early to avoid last-minute stress.

Admit it, one woman in your life always crushes her holiday shopping early, and you’re more than a little jealous of her. It’s time for you to take the spotlight you deserve, Girlfriend, so let’s kick the habit and kick back in some comfy sweatpants.

No more fighting the crowds on Christmas Eve, this time you’ll be watching a movie while sipping wine, bragging about how you are the early planner this time. These three tips will help you shop for holiday gifts before Thanksgiving rolls around, and you’ll even learn how to hide them like a pro.

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Start Planning With A Checklist

A written system of gift recipients, sale dates, and store maps is crucial to keeping your sanity, and other members of your household can collaborate on one with you. This post shows how to create yours.

I like to keep this list on my phone so I know none of my family will come across it. Plus it’s extra convenient to have on hand if I come across something at a store that I know would be perfect for someone.

It’s a great idea to also add a target value for each gift recipient. It’s easy to go overboard and over budget when shopping early, so set those boundaries for yourself to stay on track.

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Shop Smart In Stores. Shop Often Online.

If you have to shop in a store, keep track of sales (either in a planner or with phone alerts), go during off-peak hours, and utilize curbside pickup. This will save you time while making you feel like a VIP, and who doesn’t want that?

For shopping online, check out digital items like gift cards, subscriptions, donations, and eBooks. These have no shipping costs or wrapping requirements, they’re delivered immediately, and they’re great for those who have “everything” already.

If you’re still stumped about what a specific person might be interested in, social media posts might give you hints. Or you can follow them on Pinterest and see what they’re pinning to get a feel for their style.

early holiday shopping tips from Lela Burris

How To Hide Early Gifts

If you’re dealing with little ones, the best place to hide early holiday gifts is on a high, unreachable closet shelf.

I buy toys that go there closer to the holidays for two reasons: first, I don’t have to keep a Lego set in my closet for a month (Duh!) and secondly, toys usually go on sale about two weeks before Christmas, so waiting can save you money.

For older kids and adults, small gifts in unexpected places, like disinfectant wipe containers, mint tins, or tampon boxes (Yep, I use everything) add humor to your holiday routine and repurpose what you already have. Plus you KNOW they’ll never look there.

Just remember to write down what you put there on your checklist. If you decide to wrap your gifts early, it’s best to wrap them as soon as you bring them into the house.

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What Are Your Favorite Tips?

Any early shoppers out there like me? Drop a comment below about how planning your holiday shopping early makes your season less stressful. I’d love to hear what you do and try out your methods, too!

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