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Hunt A Killer Game Organization

Organization hacks for all your evidence, suspect profiles, and timelines for Hunt A Killer game subscription boxes.

Last week we finished up our first season of Hunt A Killer, which is a subscription-based game that turns you into a detective to solve a murder case. Once a month, when our box comes, my husband, my son, and myself pile up at our dining room table with snacks to rule out another suspect.

We really love this game (fyi, this post is NOT sponsored) and we are so impressed with the quality of all the evidence we receive. But let me tell ya, you get quite a bit of evidence every month and if you don’t organize it, you’ll find yourself in a hot mess of a stack of papers you’ll never be able to reference again.

Since I know a lot of my email BFFs also play Hunt A Killer after I talked about it a few months ago, I thought I’d share with you exactly how I organize all the evidence and gameplay information so we can easily go back to older episodes when we get stuck.

If you currently play Hunt A Killer, or if you’ve been thinking about giving it a try, I highly recommend you be a copycat and organize your evidence like I do.

And if you haven’t signed up for a subscription yet and you want to, here’s my referral code that gets you 30% off your first box. As a member I can share a code that saves us both money on our boxes! And when you sign up you’ll get your own referral code to share.

how to organize hunt a killer game

What You Need

hunt a killer game organization by Lela Burris

Setting Up Your Hunt A Killer Game Binder

The way I have my Hunt A Killer game binder set up goes in the following order:

  1. Letters & Password Cards
  2. Victim Profile
  3. Suspect Profiles
  4. Timeline
  5. Cypher Guides
  6. Notes & Pens
  7. Paper Evidence
  8. Physical Evidence (actual objects)
hunt a killer game binder DIY

I start by keeping the introduction letters and cards that have the login passwords for each episode in the very first tab to make referencing them easy.

Next I store victim and suspect profiles in the following tab. I made victim and suspect profiles using so we can keep up with all the main characters’ info. You don’t have to do this, you can totally just write down their info on sheets of paper. I just made them because we really like to get into the game and pretend we are real detectives.

hunt a killer printable timeline

The Timeline tab holds a breakdown of what happened directly before, during, and after the murder. For our binder, we just keep this Timeline brief and simple by using a calendar I made with Canva, and we keep a more detailed timeline on a dry erase board.

hunt a killer cypher guide

I printed three copies of the cypher guides provided in the first episode so all three of us would have our own copy to use. It was too difficult to pass just one copy back and forth when we were all working on different coded letters.

The Notes tab holds blank sheets of paper and reminders for future episodes. Basically anything we may need to remember later that doesn’t make sense to add to the suspect profiles. I also keep a zippered pencil pouch here to hold all our pens so we don’t have to search for some before we play.

And the Evidence tab holds each piece of evidence we receive, organized by episode. I’ll break down the Evidence section a little more next.

hunt a killer evidence storage

Organizing Evidence

Inside the Evidence tab, we keep each individual piece of paper evidence in it’s own clear sheet protector sleeve. We write on a sticky note what the evidence is, any important breakthrough info, and which episode it’s from. Then we stick the post-it note on the paper and store it in the sleeve.

If we used additional scrap paper to solve a cypher or take extra notes, we also add that sheet into the page protector, too.

make a hunt a killer game binder

Basically each piece of paper evidence gets it’s own sleeve, which makes going back to re-reference old evidence super easy.

For the physical pieces of evidence, (anything that’s not paper) we store it inside a zippered pencil pouch.

organize hunt a killer evidence

Storing Your Binder & Other Supplies

Once you’ve set up your binder, basically everything you need is all in one place. Unless you are using a dry erase board or poster board for your detailed timeline, the binder is all you really have to store.

Since we play at our dining room table, I keep the Hunt A Killer game binder on one of the shelves in our TV cabinet in the living room. It’s nearby but still out of the way.

hunt a killer gameplay

And the dry erase board we use hangs out behind a bar cabinet in the dining room. I just slide it behind the cabinet and no one ever even knows it’s there. That keeps what we’ve written safe from accidentally getting erased.

hunt a killer game organization

Ready To Make Your Own Hunt A Killer Binder?

Now that you’ve got all the deets on how I organize my Hunt A Killer cases, I want to see YOURS! Once you get your binder set up, hit me up on Instagram @lelaburris and show me how it turned out. I would love to see how you made it your own and hear about anything that works well for you that I didn’t mention. I’m always up for new ideas!

And if this is your first time here, I’d love to invite you to check out all the other home and life organization tips and tutorials I have up my sleeve. You’ll be able to get your whole house as organized as your HAK Binder!


  1. Hi! Are your suspect and victim profiles available for purchase? They are PERFECT!

    • Brad Gandy

      Hi! Unfortunately, they are not, but you can use Canva’s templates to make your own for free in a few minutes. We made those ourselves for personal use.

      • Do you have a template recommendation? I’ve never used canva. Thank you!!

        • Brad Gandy

          There are several on there like the one we used, so once you log in, it should be easy to find one and then add to it. Canva is really fun and easy and they give you lots of free tutorials when you sign up.

      • Anonymous

        Under which Category in Canva? I’ve searched and searched and cannot find a single one remotely resembling yours! ANY help would be appreciated!

        • Brad Gandy

          Canva is a free software for designing things. We altered a résumé template, but you can create yours however you’d like.

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