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How I Organize My MochiThings Wallet

Get organization ideas for the MochiThings Better Together Daily Wallet and see how it’s used for regular day-to-day life.

I’ve been using a MochiThings Better Together wallet for almost six years straight, and I honestly can’t think of any reason why I’d ever switch to another type of wallet. I love all the pockets and how it zips up like a tiny handbag.

Full disclosure, I hate carrying a purse. That’s why I got this wallet in the first place. It’s big enough that I don’t even need a bag at all. I do have a purse, and I keep it super organized, but I don’t carry it often. So today I wanted to unzip my personal wallet and show you what’s really inside and exactly how I use it.

If you hate carrying a purse, too, or if you just need a wallet upgrade, feel free to be a copycat. 🙂

Lela Burris wallet organization tips

Organizing A MochiThings Wallet

What I really love about this wallet is that I can store everything I need inside, zip it up up, pop my phone inside the front pocket, and slip it onto my wrist when we make an afternoon Target run.

I know there are tons of ways to use and organize a MochiThings Better Together Daily Wallet, but here’s how I use mine.

mochithings wallet storage ideas

On the left side, I keep my driver’s license and bank/credit cards on the lower slots, then medical cards, then store loyalty cards. In the last slot (the top one) I keep my personal business cards in case I meet someone while I’m out that I’d like to share my contact info with.

Yes, those are $2 bills, and no they aren’t for shopping. The day before my husband and I got married, my grandfather took us out to dinner and gave us these bills. He told us to keep them forever. I don’t know exactly why, but he said to keep them so I did. They live in that slot of my wallet and are always with me.

mochithings better together daily wallet organization

Way before Covid hit, I’ve been keeping travel-sized packages of disinfectant wipes in the big slot of my wallet. I go all Lisa Rinna when I stay at hotels for work trips and I wipe down everything.

Plus they’re just nice to have on hand, because you never know when you’re going to run into something yucky. Especially now…

how to organize mochithings wallet

Can we just talk about how we NEVER have a pen when we need it? I like this extra large pen storage area because I can keep a pen and a stylus here.

And since the wallet comes with a little spiral-bound notebook, I can jot down blog post ideas while I’m sitting in the waiting room at the dentist.

mochithings wallet organization ideas

For a while, I didn’t really know what to do with this netted pocket. I used to put receipts in there, but it would get stuffed full of them before I actually decided to take them out.

I have tried a few other things in the pocket, but nothing really makes sense in there. Currently, I keep glasses cleaning wipes in it, because I always need them. There are also a few bandaids stashed behind the wipes.

I’ll probably switch this up at least five more times this year, but for now, this is what I’m rolling with.

mochithings wallet money pocket

The back zippered pouch holds my coins and cash. Obviously I don’t have much of either of those right now, especially since I took all my change to the bank to help out with the national coin shortage.

Along with the cash and coins, you can usually find a pair of nail clippers and a few fortune cookie fortunes I thought were special enough to hang onto.

mochithings wallet to hold phone

Tips For Organizing Your Wallet

No matter what kind of wallet you have or how many pockets it’s rocking, I have a few tips to help you keep it organized.

1. Don’t keep random business cards in your wallet. Girl, you have a cell phone! Input that biz card info into your phone and get that card out of your wallet asap.

2. Ditch store loyalty cards. You can fill up your card slots in your wallet quickly by hanging onto all those rewards cards for stores you frequent. Download an app like Key Ring to save all your loyalty card digitally.

3. Purge weekly. Your wallet can get filled up with all kinds of junk like receipts, coupons, grocery lists, and other small pieces of paper clutter. Set aside a day and time every week to purge your wallet and throw out any trash. I do this every Sunday morning, along with a quick purge sesh for my purse, too.

how Lela Burris organizes her wallet

Get In On The Convo!

Do you have a favorite kind of wallet? Are you using a MochiThings Better Together wallet yourself? Have a hack for organizing it? Weigh in in the comments below and share it all. I’d love to hear you opinions!

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