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5 Ways To Organize With Shoeboxes

Learn how to easily organize with shoeboxes thanks to five innovative bloggers.

If you can’t go to your favorite craft stores and get to work on your next project, it’s not as big of a problem as it seems. All you need is what’s hiding in the back of your closet, like that dress you wore exactly once two years ago. What you have at home already can be as effective an organizer as any, so here are five ways to organize with shoeboxes.

Round Up curated and written by Brad Gandy, Organized*ish Community Manager

5 Creative Ways To Organize With Shoeboxes

diy shoebox jewelry organizer

Jewelry Organizer

This upcycle from Alternate Creations uses pencils and crafted slits so that each piece of jewelry slides right off when needed.

shoebox marker caddy desk organizer

Marker Caddy

 Amanda, AKA Aunt Peaches, spent only ten minutes with her shoebox and some empty toilet paper rolls to make a crafty desktop marker organizer.

diy shoebox charging station

Charging Station

Skip those $50 chargers and go with a shoebox instead. Tasha Chawner traded a messy surge protector for a homemade charging station. The small windows keep cords identifiable and under control while keeping the actual power strip hidden.

shoebox picnic basket

Picnic Basket

Jen from 100 Directions made this project after her thrift store picnic basket started to carry more dust than deliciousness. She used ribbon handles and fabric paper to make open-air lunches (even at home in the backyard) more appetizing.

shoebox gardening seeds organizer

Seed Box

Flowers and foods come in all sorts of varieties, which is why Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow turned two shoeboxes into a labelled seed organizer. The divided tabs mean that she doesn’t have to dump out five packets of adjacent seeds to look for one kind of pepper.

What Will You Make?

If you’re into the pretty transparent containers (Let’s face it. Most of us are.) then that’s a great option for later once shopping becomes a little more manageable. But there’s something to be said about a humble shoebox and a healthy amount of crafting time, and as you’ve seen, shopping your house is a great way to stay Organized*ish. Let us know how you’ll organize with shoeboxes in the comments.

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  1. Wow I am definitely organizing my things.. I become so messy, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Brad - Admin

      Great! I’m glad you liked the post, and it’s a solution that probably won’t cost you a cent.

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