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New Printable Binder Kits Are Here

Learn how to access my full library of Organized-ish Printable Binder Kits to keep every aspect of your busy life organized and under control.

Picture this, Girlfriend. You’re living with a family member, and they get sick. It’s two in the morning with no time to ransack your house for medical records. You’ve got to book it to the hospital faster than a Real Housewife can start drama. Solution: Organized-ish Printable Binder Kits.

You’re planning a party, decluttering your home, or budgeting your income in your dreams. Solution: Organized-ish Printable Binder Kits.

Lela Burris launching her new line of printable planners and home organizers

I’ve used my own for years to organize home info, plan vacations, and make moving a breeze, plus all the things I’ve already mentioned. Today, those pretty planners got a makeover, and I’m super pumped to share them.

There’s a new VIP section right on the site called the Organized-ish Binder Kit Library. It’s better than a store, because you don’t pay per kit. Instead, one price gives you access to everything!

new organized-ish binder kits

On a budget tighter than your sports bra? Try a 5 Day Limited Access Pass and race against the clock.

To stay Organized-ish like no other, though, score a Lifetime Membership. You’ll get every kit in the library, a new kit each month, and the exclusive right to suggest future kits.

organized-ish binder kits by Lela Burris

Each kit has three color options—Rainbow, Denim, and Coffee—and we donate 5% of our monthly profits to small independent animal shelters through our Give Back Program. See? We really do save sanity around here, both the two-legged and four-legged kind.

Use this page to discover all of my Organized-ish Binder Kits and learn which membership best suits your lifestyle. Superwoman powers, activate.

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