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Summer 2018 Home Tour

Over the last year, things have changed quite a bit around here. We’ve really honed in on our design style as a family, and we realized our style isn’t defined by one design category at all. We take inspiration from lots of different cultures, backgrounds, countries, and building personalities. Our home has become less of a “pretty magazine photo op” and more of a place we feel our best in. We stopped worrying about making it “Instagram Worthy” and put a strong emphasis on what makes us happy.

This was such a huge mindset shift for me, especially since I design and style homes for a living. But since I’ve built this new framework in my own home, my clients have really embraced the idea as well. 2018 has become the year of paring down our belongings and only keeping what means the most to us. It’s a year of less “stuff” and more memories. I wouldn’t say I’ve taken on the Minimalist lifestyle just yet, but I’m definitely taking cues from it.

Welcome To Our Home

Our cozy little house is in Cleveland, Tennessee about 15 minutes from the big city of Chattanooga one way and about 15 minutes from the quiet Ocoee River the other way. We get the best of both worlds here, and I can safely say I’m a healthy balance of a city chick and a rural girl. I love this town because I don’t have to choose between the two. Our home is a small 1200 square foot cottage in such a sweet little neighborhood. We’ve been here for about three years, and I’d be lying if I said it was our forever home, but it’s the perfect starter for our little family of three. Well, six if you count our fur babies. And I totally count them…

What’s Next At The New House

Soon we’ll possibly be doing a bit of staging and putting this sweet home on the market as we trade up for something a little larger for my linebacker-sized preteen and his monster-sized dog. But in the meantime, we’ll continue to streamline our belongings and focus more on what’s really important. Plus, I sure do love organization, and nothing makes me happier than a nice, clean, uncluttered space.

I can’t guarantee this will be the last home tour you see of our little cottage house, but if it is, just know that it is so well-loved and will forever be a part of our hearts.


  1. Hi, Lela
    Beautiful home and pics! Such great summer inspiration. I enjoyed over reading your blog post and decor. Thanks and keep sharing.

  2. A very cozy looking and so instagrammable home! Your home looks so amazing, Lela.

  3. Your home looks unreal Lela. Well done

  4. You have a very beautiful home. I love the decor, warm and inviting

  5. your home is so beautiful.

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