How To Clean Window Screens

Maybe it’s all in my head, but it seems like the pollen this year has been out of control. I live in Southeastern Tennessee and we’re always hit hard with pollen, but this Spring has been on the verge of ridiculous. So as part of my Spring Cleaning rituals, I always take my window screens down and give them a really good cleaning. Since I’m working on this now, I thought I’d give you a play-by-play on how I do it so you can get your window screens extra clean and clear so you can enjoy these gorgeous sunny views we’re finally getting.

Prep Work:

1. Pick a sunny day. Your screens will dry faster and more evenly if you clean them on a nice warm day with lots of sun. Plus, you’ll be able to see any damaged or frayed spots better.

2. Grab your supplies. You’ll need mild dish detergent, a small bucket of warm water, a water hose, an old, soft rag or car wash sponge, and a few old bed sheets.

3. Remove screens from windows. You’ll need to take them all out to your driveway (if you don’t have a driveway you can wash them on your deck or in your shower instead) and lay them out flat.

4. Pop on your bathing suit and your flip flops. You can start your summer tan while you’re knocking out a chore. 🙂

how to safely wash window screens

How To Wash Window Screens

1. Wash the screens with warm soapy water and a soft sponge or rag to remove any dirt, cobwebs, and pollen. Be careful not to push down too hard or you could pop the screen netting out. If you can’t work in a large driveway or deck, you can do this in your shower, just be really careful not to put too much pressure on the screens since you aren’t able to lay them flat.

2. Clean the frames with a soft rag. If frames are metal, you may need to apply some rust-removing solution if you have any buildup.

3. Lay out some old sheets in the yard and put the clean screens on them. Let the screens dry in the sun for as long as necessary.

4. While the screens are drying, wipe the window ledges. A lot can build up here, and with the screens out of the windows you can clean the ledge really quickly and easily.

5. Make any repairs to the screen or frame if necessary. You can buy patch kits from any home improvement store or you can grab this one from Amazon if you don’t want the people at Home Depot seeing your sweaty no-makeup face.

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how to carefully wash window screens

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  1. This is great, Lela. I haven’t washed my window screens in a long time, and this is just the motivation I needed. Thank you.

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