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10 Clothing Items You Need To Stop Buying

Is your closet drowning in a bunch of stuff you never wear? Do you find yourself saying “I have nothing to wear” at least once a week? Do you hate going out for Date Night because you think everything you own looks terrible on you? Girl, the problem isn’t you. It’s your clothes. The things you spend your hard-earned money on are stabbing you right in the back and aren’t serving you, your lifestyle, or your body. Why? Because your closet is full of these 10 things.

10 Items That Sabotage Your Wardrobe

1. Clearance Stuff

Ouch, did that just punch you in the gut? If you’re a clearance-only shopper, this message is for you: Would you buy that same item if it were regular price?  If you wouldn’t, then it should’ve been a hard pass. It was on clearance because no one wanted it enough to take it home…that’s why the store marked it down.

2. Things You Didn’t Try On

You know that day you went straight into the store, bought the exact outfit that was on the mannequin in the window, brought it home, ripped the tags off, and put it on two weeks later for Girl’s Night? And do you remember the feeling you had when you realized it looked way different on the mannequin that it did on you? PSA Girlfriend, always try stuff on. Nobody wants a shirt with an awkwardly placed flower in a place a flower shouldn’t be. Don’t act like that hasn’t happened to you before.

3. Trendy Items

Sure, Instagram trends are fun. But they’re ridiculously short-lived. Next thing you know you’ve got a closet full of random stuff that was only cool for a week and you’re out $300. Save your money and buy timeless pieces that will outlive every trend to be thrown your way.

4. Bad Quality Pieces

Cheap clothes and accessories look cheap, feel cheap, and wear out quickly. Good quality lasts forever.

5. Things That Don’t Suit Your Lifestyle

If you never go to formal events, you don’t need fancy gowns. If your job is business casual, you don’t need an abundance of dress clothes. And if you never wear blouses, don’t buy one “just in case.” Dress for the life you have, not the life you daydream about.

6. Event-Specific Items

Never buy something you only intend to buy once. There are so many companies that allow you to rent an outfit for one-time use, so take advantage of that.

7. Duplicates

Do you really need five black tees? Unless that’s all you wear, then no. Keep a list in your phone of basics you already own and things your wardrobe actually needs. That will help you stay on track when you’re shopping.

8. Costume Jewelry

This is the biggest money waster for women. That cheap $3 pair of earrings isn’t doing you any favors. Instead, invest in three to four timeless, versatile staples and rotate through them. Or become known for always wearing pearls. Having that one defining accessory gives you unique and incredibly sexy character.

9. “Around The House” Clothes

You probably already have your go-to faves, so why go trying to change it up? No matter how many funny graphic tees and yoga pants you buy, you know you’re always going to throw on the old college t-shirt and the oversized sweatpants.

10. Clothes For The “You” You Want To Be

Until you are that person on the inside, you won’t feel comfortable looking that way on the outside. For now, just be who you are. You’ll always feel good about that.

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  1. Sandra Gandy

    you are so right. I I buy new things thinking that I will wear them, but I always go back to my favorite clothes. I have t shirts that have holes in them, but they are so comfy, and they are my go to clothes around the house..

    • Lela Burris

      Definitely! it’s so much easier to have a small wardrobe of things you love than a large collection of things you don’t feel good about.

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