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Easy Way To Organize Your Batteries

Learn how to store and organize your batteries using a divided container to keep them accessible and easy to find at all times.

Why is it that we can never find the batteries when we need them? We know we bought a new pack of double A’s last week, but where the heck are they? And why are the triple A’s in the bathroom? For today’s Quick Win Friday task, I want to show you how to organize your batteries in one easy-access container so everyone in the house will know where to find them. And as a bonus, this method will allow you to see when you’re getting low so you can add them to your shopping list before your kid’s controller dies and he has a full-on meltdown.

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Supplies You Need:

  • A divided storage bin with a lid
  • Batteries
  • Trash bag
battery storage idea

Organizing Batteries In A Divided Storage Bin

Start by removing all of one type of battery from their packaging. You may have three packs of AA batteries in your junk drawer, and that takes up all kinds of unnecessary space.

Once you’ve opened up all of one type of battery, put them together in one (or two if you have a lot) of the compartments of the storage bin.

Repeat for the other sizes until you’ve divided up all your battery sizes.

If you’re low on stock, make sure to leave room for when you buy more, and in the future, buy in bulk or stock up when your grocery store has them on a 10 for $10 sale.

battery storage container idea

Where To Store Your Battery Bin

It’s a good idea to keep your battery storage bin in a central location where everyone in the house can find it. This saves you from hearing “Moooooommmmm, where’s the batteries???” on a weekly basis.

I keep ours in our utility closet on a shelf everyone can reach, right beside the toilet paper. The two go-to’s, right?

Alternatively, you can store them inside your media cabinet in the living room, on a shelf in the laundry room, or in your linen closet.

The goal is to make sure every single battery in the house is all stored together in this one container. Not scattered around the house from room to room. Pick a home for the container, show every household member who should have access (put it on high shelves if you have young children), and don’t move it.

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The Best Divided Storage Bins For Batteries

I rounded up my favorites here so you can choose which one works best for your battery stock. There are a few different shapes and sizes, and some hold more than others. Most of the containers below are stackable so you can always add on to your bin if you find that it’s always full.

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