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Handbag Personalization With Cricut’s New Easy Press Mini

Introducing The Cricut Easy Press Mini!

Have you seen the new Cricut Easy Press Mini? It’s basically the same thing as the Easy Press 2 that I use for labeling pretty much everything in my house, except it’s teeny tiny! Aside from being adorable, it’s small size is actually really purposeful. It can fit inside things that the regular Easy Press Irons can’t, which makes it perfect for the leather basket tags I made for my laundry room, and for small iron-ons for fabric bins like the ones I made for my linen closet.

Quick And Easy Handbag Return Info

But what I really wanted to show you was something a little different from my usual label-making projects. This is prompted because I accidentally left my purse at a restaurant recently, but my wallet wasn’t in it so the restaurant had no way to know who it belonged to. It really got me thinking that there really isn’t a way to add contact info to a typical handbag aside from your wallet. So when I got my Easy Press Mini by Cricut, I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for.

Start To Finish In 30 Minutes

I started by hopping into Design Space and quickly typing my first and last name, and my phone number. Then I mirrored the image and had my Cricut Maker cut the text onto Cricut’s Everyday Iron-On Vinyl. Then all I had to do was cut it down to size, remove the excess vinyl, and head to my official ironing station (aka my dining room table).

The Easy Press Mini Fits Into Small, Tight Spaces

The Easy Press Mini works just like the regular Easy Press Irons, so I started by preheating the small strip of fabric on the inside of my purse right under where the strap is. Then I put the vinyl strip down and covered it with some parchment paper for safety so the fabric didn’t burn.

I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of fabric the inside of the bag was, so I just put the Easy Press Mini on medium heat for safety and held it for 30 seconds, then checked it. It needed an extra 10 seconds, and after it cooled a bit, I pulled off the clear backing and then BOOM, my handbag was personalized with my contact info!

More Project Ideas For The Cricut Easy Press Mini

I’m pretty impressed with the Easy Press Mini by Cricut, and I can’t wait to try more projects with it. When I say it’s teeny tiny, I really mean in, and it’s super mobile, so I think I’ll use it to add some decals to the pegboard in my garage, and the bulletin board in Noah’s room. There’s no way I could ever do that with a regular-sized iron. Plus, the hot plate is perfect for small areas because it heats evenly without burning the material.

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