spice jar labels made with Cricut Joy smart label
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Spice Jar Lid Labels With Cricut Joy

Learn how to make labels for your spice jar lids using Cricut Joy and Cricut Smart Label Writable Vinyl so you can easily find all your spices when they’re standing up in a container.

If you have a small kitchen, you know all about having to get creative with how you store things. Including your herbs and spices. To be so small, those jars really do take up a lot of space. If you have been struggling to find a space-saving method for storing spices, and still be able to see what they all are, I got you Girl. I found a way to make spice jar lid labels using Cricut Joy so you can store them all together without the treasure hunt to find the thyme.

spice jar lid labels with cricut smart label

Store Spices Upright In A Refrigerator Bin

I used to store my spices in a drawer riser, but no drawer in my new kitchen is wide or deep enough to do that. I didn’t want to put them in an upper cabinet because it’s the one thing I always tell my clients not to do. [Upper cabinets are where spices go to die…]

So I decided to keep them in a refrigerator bin in a lower cabinet that has pull-out drawers attached. This method is working out great for me, but I can’t see the cute Cricut labels I put on them a couple of years ago since they’re standing up. So I broke out my handy-dandy Cricut Joy and got to work making labels for the lids instead. Here’s how you can copy this project.

Cricut Joy spice jar lid labels

Supplies For Spice Jar Lid Labels with Cricut Joy

cricut spice jar lid labels

How To Make Spice Jar Lid Labels With Cricut Joy

1. Start by opening up Design Space on your computer or phone app, then click this link to be directed to my spice jar lid label project template. (You’ll need to have DS open before you click the link)

2. Edit any of the text to suit your spice needs by unattaching and ungrouping a label. Change the text, then group and attach again. This ensures they cut correctly.

3. When you’re ready to click Make It, Cricut Joy will write first, so start by inserting the Cricut Joy fine point pen. Once it’s done writing, Design Space will instruct you to swap the pen for the cutting tool.

4. After all the labels are ready, stick them onto the spice jar lids and arrange them in a large refrigerator bin in alphabetical order. This step is important because you can’t see the color of the spices from the top, so keeping them in A-Z order will make your go-to lasagna spice collection easier to find.

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