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Let The After-Christmas Purge-Fest BEGIN!

Now that the wrapping paper has been hauled away with your trash man and the new toys are piled up on the old toys in your kids’ rooms, it’s time to get real with yourself…2020 is just around the corner and those resolutions of getting organized last January never happened. I totally get it, being a busy mom is hard! And all those gorgeous photos in magazine articles and massive whole-home organization blog posts popping up all over the place aren’t helping you at all. They’re making you feel overwhelmed. Am I right?

Well I’m a busy mom, too. And I work a full time day job. And I run a part-time professional organizing business. And I run a blog, and an Etsy shop, and volunteer at the local animal shelter, and take my dog for walks, and schedule in time for the Real Housewives reunions.

I don’t have time to reorganize my whole house, and I know you don’t either. So I created an easy to follow 28 Day Challenge to help mamas just like me declutter their homes a little at a time each day in January. I’m talking ten to twenty minutes MAX!

And once you’ve spent ten to twenty mins a day for 28 days on this super-obtainable checklist, you’ll have TWENTY EIGHT decluttered, neat spaces in your house. TWENTY EIGHT neat spaces! Um, sign me up Sister!

home organization challenge

Join The New Year 28 Day Decluttering Challenge

Starting January 3rd, the Organized-ish Annual 28 Day Decluttering Challenge will be back and better than ever!

Each day, I’ll be in my Instagram and Facebook Stories doing the challenge with you! I’ll walk you through how I declutter and organize each category of the list, and I’ll share my best-kept secrets and advice.

Plus, since Stories disappear after 24 hours, each mini video will be saved to a special section of the Freebie Library on the blog so you can come back to them as often as you want. That means you don’t have to stress if you get behind or miss a day of the challenge. And if you want to redo the challenge in July, you’ll have all the resources right at your fingertips.

How To Join The Challenge

A. Go ahead and download and print the list of all 28 areas we’ll cover in the challenge. If one doesn’t apply to you, cross it out, choose an alternative and write that in it’s place.

2. Follow me on Instagram @lelaburris. I’ll be in my Stories every single day doing the challenge with you, showing you exactly how I’m organizing the daily category, and sharing my best tips and secrets. You won’t want to miss this, because it’s like working with a professional organizer for a full month, fo’ free! Don’t forget to share your own videos of you working through the challenge and tag me. I want to cheer you on and see your progress!  *Not on Instagram? You can follow my Facebook page to see the videos, too.

D. Check your email every Friday in January for bonus tips, Q&A’s, and a weekly recap of the challenge. There may be some fun surprises and maybe even a prize or two, so make sure you open it!

(Did you notice the order of that list? You didn’t think you were the only one who watched Home Alone three times last month, did you? Ha!)

What You Need For The Challenge

Here’s the big whopping list of supplies you need for the 28 Day Decluttering Challenge:

  • Trash bags
  • The 28 Day Challenge List, printed and prepped

The End.

No excuses like “I can’t afford expensive organizers” or “I don’t have a label maker” or “My koala ate my homework.” You need trash bags and the list I send to your inbox, that can be printed and reprinted no many how many times that pesky koala tries to sabotage you.

Sure, you can go above and beyond by adding in new organizers and fancy dancy labels. I’ll never tell you not to do that! This challenge can be bare-bones simple or over the top. Whatever works best for you. The key is to stick with it. So if you think you can commit to reorganizing and labeling every category, every day, then you go girl! But if you have doubts about your motivation, just do the decluttering and save the extra work for later. The goal is to do every task, every day, and not fall off the wagon. Keep it simple, mama.

lela burris evening routine

The Final Kick In The Pants…

I know you’ve made resolutions to get more organized before. And to have a cleaner house. And to be less stressed. And to build better routines.

And I know those resolutions never made it past Spring Break.

This time it’s gonna happen, my friend. I PROMISE you, if you stick with this challenge for the full twenty eight days, and really commit to it, you’ll not only have a less-cluttered home, but a drive to keep it that way.

This is the last time you’ll ever resolve to be more organized at home. So next year your resolutions can be something fun like taking that mischievous koala of yours to obedience training classes.

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