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4 Easy Organization Hacks For A Caddy

Learn how to use your Cricut cutting machine to turn a basic handled caddy into an organization hub that will keep your surfaces tidy and less cluttered. Sponsored by Cricut.

As a professional organizer, one of the containers I recommend most to my clients is a handled caddy. They are such a great way to store a variety of items in a neat and tidy way without having to break the bank on multiple small containers. A divided caddy can hold a few different categories all in one place, and you can find a good quality one for under $25.

I took a plain white caddy and dressed it up four different ways using Cricut Everyday Vinyl to turn it into the ultimate organizer. All of these designs were cut using my Cricut Maker and Explore Air 2, but they’re small enough to be made with a Cricut Joy, too, if that’s the only machine you have.

kids homework caddy idea

Portable Homeschool Supply Station

When kids are doing schoolwork at home, whether for homework, virtual school, or permanent homeschooling, they likely don’t do all their work in the same place every day. Sometimes they may work in a dedicated room, and other times they may park at the kitchen island or dining room table. By keeping all their basic school supplies in a handled caddy, your kiddos can work anywhere that inspires them without trucking an armload of stuff around the house.

kids homeschool caddy diy

To copy this caddy, find a large sturdy caddy made of either metal or thick plastic. It should have at least four divided sections. If yours doesn’t have enough divided sections, you can add small cups or jars to divide the sides into smaller areas. I made this template in Cricut Design Space to decorate the caddy, and I used Cricut Removable Everyday Vinyl so I can remove and redecorate it as my son gets older.

kids travel caddy with dry erase scavenger hunt game

Dry Erase Travel Organizer For Kids

Vehicles never seem to have enough storage inside, and kids always need something to keep themselves occupied. Whether you’re taking a long trip or just a quick run to the grocery store, keep a caddy in the back seat with games, snacks, and doodle pads so your Littles spend more time having fun in the car and less time asking if you’re there yet. I made this scavenger hunt game in Cricut Design Space to add turn a boring ol’ organizer into a game. The caddy just happens to be coated with dry erase material, so kids can mark off the items as they see them. The words are made with Cricut Premium Vinyl.

diy dry erase scavenger hunt game for caddy in the car

Opt for a strong plastic caddy made to hold cleaning supplies. It will be stable enough to not flip over when you drive around a turn, and the plastic material will make it easy to clean. The caddy I chose is made out of a very slick plastic that works with dry erase markers, so I didn’t need to add anything special to it for the dry erase scavenger hunt game. If yours is a material that doesn’t work with dry erase markers, you can use dry erase vinyl to add checkboxes next to each word. Or if your caddy is metal, you can use small magnets to mark off each item as it’s found.

cricut tool organizer caddy with Cricut Cuties

Small Space Cricut Tool Organizer

If you don’t have a full craft room, sometimes you have to get creative with your craft supply storage. A lot of people keep their Cricut machine and crafting tools in a spare closet, and pull them out to their dining room table when they’re ready to make things. A caddy is perfect for holding all your Cricut tools and crafting supplies when you need to move them around from room to room. Having them all together in one portable and easy to carry container will make it so much faster to set up and clean up your workspace.

cricut tool organizer DIY

A great way to customize your caddy for safely holding sharp tools like the Cricut weeding tools and tweezers is to add felt or a thin sheet of silicone into the bottom using double-sided tape. This protects the sharp ends of your tools so they don’t get chipped, and allows you to store them sharp-side-down so you don’t accidentally scrape your hand when picking up the handle. Copy my Cricut Cutie caddy using this Design Space template. I call this design “The Four Phases Of Craft Projects” because that’s the exact progression of my emotions every time I make something. Someday tell me you can relate!

diy first aid kit caddy

Easy First Aid Supply Storage

Having a first aid kit at home is essential, and making sure it’s stocked with everything you may need in an emergency is something every parent should keep high on their priority list. But typically, those little pre-filled first aid kits you buy at the store lack situational items you don’t know you need until an accident happens. The store-bought kits usually only have bandaids, alcohol wipes, antiseptic wipes, a few tabs of ibuprofen, and some gauze. That will cover a small scrape or cut, but you should be prepared for bigger emergencies, too.

first aid kit storage in handled caddy

Adding to your first aid supply kit is easy when you use this checklist, but you’ll need to upgrade your storage container to fit it all. That store-bought container is already full to the max. A caddy is a great choice for a first aid kit because it’s easy to store on a linen closet shelf, and even easier to transport when in need. If you cut your finger while chopping carrots in the kitchen, it would be really handy for your spouse to bring the whole caddy to you versus you running to the bathroom or coaching him on what to get out.

Use your Cricut cutting machine to make a first aid label for the front as big and bold as you can fit on the caddy so grabbing it is fast and easy for anyone, even kids. I used this one, but there are lots of others in Design Space if you have Cricut Access.

cleaning caddy with label

More Ideas For Caddy Organization

There are so many ways you can organize your house using a caddy, and even more ways to decorate it using Cricut Everyday Vinyl. I like to use removable vinyl so I can change up the caddy’s “job” anytime I need to. One caddy I have has already changed “jobs” four times over the last year. The vinyl removes easily using the Cricut Scraper, and there’s never any left-behind residue. I can just peel off the vinyl and put new decals on in minutes.

Here are a few other caddy storage ideas you can use to get your house Organized-ish:

  • Guest Bedroom Welcome Kit
  • Portable Garden Tool Storage
  • Basic Tool Organizer
  • Cleaning Supply Storage
  • Bathroom Organizer
  • Vehicle Organizer
  • Kitchen Cooking Utensil Organizer

Project Sources:

  1. Plastic Handled Caddy
  2. Cricut Premium Removable Vinyl
  3. Cricut Transfer Tape
  4. Cricut Basic Tool Set
  5. Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air 2
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