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Winter Holidays

Enjoy December When You Don’t Celebrate Holidays

Put your twist on the season with 5 tips to enjoy December without the traditional holidays.

A December without holidays sounds impossible for many of us, but for others, that’s an annual tradition. No matter who you are, you deserve to celebrate year-round, so here are 5 ways to enjoy the month when you don’t celebrate holidays without feeling overwhelmed or excluded.

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5 Tips For A December Without The Holidays

1. Celebrate National Days Instead

The National Day Calendar is the original source of all those crazy festivities you’ve heard on the news. In December, there’s National Sock Day (December 4), International Animal Rights Day (December 10), and National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day (December 16).

Each day in December has at least one National Day, and if you’d rather celebrate National No Housework Day (April 7) five months early, go right ahead. No one has to know.

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2. Take Advantage Of The Weather

Get a snow workout in if you’re in the northern hemisphere, or head to the beach in the southern one. If you’re sharing a household, activities like building snow figures, starting an outdoor fire, or even putting snow in a cocktail can make winter more enjoyable for any age.

3. Treat Yourself

If you prefer to stay inside, light a candle and slip on your coziest outfit. Bonus points if you do this with special snacks and drinks, like the soup or tea your friends can’t get enough of. December only comes around once a year, so live the way you can only once in a while.

4. Turn December Into A Competition

You don’t have to celebrate the holidays to notice how adorably people decorate their vehicles. My brother and I have a December tradition to count the number of hood top reindeer antlers we see while driving. Whoever tallies the most not only wins, but also gets to see the loser wear a ridiculous homemade sign over their neck for an entire day.

It’s a harmless way for both of us to look forward to the month, and I get to be crafty with the famous “Loser” sign, a giant reindeer with red glitter all over it.

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4. Take Things One Day At A Time

Pick a lengthy goal, like completing a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle or binge watching your favorite TV series, and do as much as you can in a set time per day. Then, put it away. Your goals will last the entire month, and you’ll feel extra accomplished heading into the new year.

Need to get organized? I use all kinds of ways that don’t involve a giant purge session. Try brain dumping to create better plans, a 5-minute declutter to finally get rid of your junk drawer, a quick Cricut craft to make your spice jars Pinterest-worthy, or my favorite method of organizing Pinterest boards.

5. Travel

If you’ve had your eye on a local museum, theme park, or other tourist attraction, late December is a great time to visit since most of the world is in a festive holiday mode at home. Who knows? You could have the place all to yourself. Don’t forget to pack a doggy diaper bag if you bring your four-legged friend.

More of a staycation fan? Dannielle from the blog While I’m Young has a fantastic list of 16 ways to travel virtually.

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Need More December Plans?

Check out this page to see more holiday blog posts. A lot of them involve getting your house clean and organized, so even if you aren’t celebrating a holiday, you can still get your house in check.

And be sure to leave a comment below about how you enjoy December. We have a huge variety of Organized-ish BFFs who end the year in an explosion of ways, so we’d love for you to be part of our group.

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