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How To Pack A Doggy Diaper Bag

Learn how to pack a “diaper” bag for your dog so you have everything you may need during an outing.

My dog Winston is definitely a “go for a ride” dog. We can’t even say the R word without him going crazy, and he’s always up for a trip anywhere. We joke that he’s a fancy Brunch Dog because his favorite trip is to a restaurant patio for Sunday brunch. He loves getting out, meeting new people, and hanging out on a patio that isn’t his same-ol-same-ol lounging spot.

Whether we take him to Sunday brunch, the park, the local ice cream shop, or on vacation, we always take his Doggy Diaper Bag. I’ve been calling it that ever since we took our first trip after we adopted him, and the name stuck.

If you take your dog places with you, a doggy diaper bag is a MUST to ensure you have a smooth, less-stressed trip, no matter the length of the outing. Take a look inside Winston’s supply bag and copy it for yourself.

pack a dog travel bag

What’s In My [Doggy] Bag?

  • Ziplock bags of food (pre-portioned, with one extra than I’ll need)
  • 2 Collapsible bowls
  • Winston’s favorite treats (in another ziplock bag)
  • Tall bottle of water
  • 2 Extra rolls of waste bags
  • Sunscreen (for his nose and ears)
  • Small first aid kit
  • Slip Lead (in case his harness or leash breaks)
  • Pet wet wipes (for mud or poop cleanup)
  • Whistle and pepper spray (because Winston’s a lover, not a protector)
  • Cash in various bills
pack a dog travel bag

This is the bag I use, which is actually a backpack diaper bag for babies. I love all the organized pockets, and I can pop my wallet and phone in it too, so I rarely take my purse at all when Winston is with us.

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