diy dirty face mask hamper
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Easy DIY Dirty Face Mask Hamper

Learn how to make a mini “hamper” for your dirty face masks using recycled items you already have at home.

It’s no secret that you should be washing your fabric face masks often, but up until 2020, having a place to drop dirty masks in the laundry room has never really been “a thing.” Sure, you could throw them in your regular hamper, but I prefer to keep mine separate, so I made this cute mini “hamper” out of supplies I already had on hand.

mask box supplies

DIY Face Mask Hamper Supplies:

  • Empty Tissue Box (the rectangle size)
  • Craft Knife
  • Letter Stickers
tissue box for dirty face mask storage

How To Make A Dirty Face Mask Storage Box

  1. Start with an empty tissue box.
  2. Cut off the plastic “flap” using the craft knife.
  3. Use the letter stickers to put the word “Masks” or “Dirty” on one side.
  4. Store the box on your washer or dryer and drop dirty masks inside when they’re ready to be washed.
diy face mask hamper

Tips For Washing Fabric Face Masks

I’ve read a lot of different articles that vary with instructions, so I tested out all the methods and this is the one I’ve found that works best for my own personal fabric masks.

Wash them in warm water. They will shrink a tad the first time, but not so much that they won’t fit anymore. Some websites say to wash in cold water to avoid shrinkage, but I want to make sure all the germies get out, so warm water is important to me.

Lay flat to dry. I’ve tried drying my masks in the dryer and they shrunk a lot, and they ended up pretty misshapen so I didn’t do that again. Now I let them dry flat on top of the dryer. If I remember, I flip them over after a few hours so they dry evenly.

Press with a hot iron. A wrinkly mask looks worse than a wrinkly blouse, so make sure you take the time to press it with a hot iron before you wear it again. It only takes a minute but is so worth it.

diy dirty face mask hamper

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