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Rustic Industrial Modern Big Kid Bedroom Reveal

Rustic Industrial Modern?

So my son is definitely my son. He wanted to update his bedroom again. I couldn’t be mad, because when I was a kid I was constantly redoing my own room. My poor parents painted that room so many colors, so many times. And bought me way too many new bedding sets. I guess it’s only fair that I do the same for my own kid. So when he said he wanted an update to make his room look even more grown up, we browsed around online for inspo.

He said he wanted rustic industrial modern. Umm, is that even a thing? Well it is now. He’s super into those cool loft style apartments, but he also likes dark colors and lots of texture. So a straight up sleek modern look wouldn’t do it for him. The end result is actually a pretty perfect blend of the styles and I hope he’ll want to stick with it for a while.

michael jordan kid bedroom

Big Bed For A Big Kid

We couldn’t avoid it any longer. He was just getting too big for that twin sized bed. I mean, seriously, what kind of water is this boy drinking? He’s only ten and is almost as tall as I am. He’ll pass me by the time he’s eleven and a half! So we traded that small bed for this full sized one from my hubby’s bachelor days.

When we moved into our new house and bought a queen sized bed for us, we held onto his old bed because we knew Noah would need it eventually. A new mattress and boxsprings was all it needed, so that kept our costs low.

michael jordan kid bedroom

Clean And Simple

We also used the matching nightstand that my husband had. Noah loved it’s sleek lines and the two additional shelves. He originally planned to load it down with all kinds of books and art stuff, but he quickly realized the minimal look is actually more appealing. So now it just has a few books, a basket with extra blankets, and that Ikea stick man that he really really loves.

Can you tell who his role model is? I’m thinking it’s pretty clear. Michael Jordan and Jedis. The perfect combo.

wood accent wall kid room

Loads Of Texture

When you go rustic, modern, AND industrial, you’re pulling in three very different directions. So to warm up the very cool metal furniture, I installed a very rustic wood plank wall from MyWoodWall. It was super easy to put up and it didn’t require any nails, sanding, or staining. I was able to get the whole thing done in just a few hours.

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big kid bedroom

Tons Of Storage

He might be a big kid now, but he’s still got a ton of hobbies that keep him busy. From drawing, to photography, to film making, to legos, to action figures, and everything in between, he’s got a lot of stuff. So storage was key. I didn’t want things to get cluttered though, so I tried to pass off a little Minimalist Mindset on him. We discussed all the stuff he’s got and how he only uses 50% of it. We downsized quite a bit, and he seemed to be ok with it.

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easy kid room storage

I opted for easy movable pieces that can be taken out and put away in seconds.

The cube storage holds his toys. When he wants to have an action figure battle, the bin comes out, gets dumped in the floor, epic battles take place, and when he’s done, they just get dropped back in the bin and slid back into their cozy little cube home.

It also holds “Big Boy,” Noah’s prized giant Aloe Plant. He takes really good care of it and has kept it alive better than I’ve done with my own plants.

kids art supply storage

I put his art stuff in a rolling tiered cart. He mostly draws in his bedroom, but sometimes he likes to work at the dining room table. Instead of lugging around all his drawing books and pencils and paints and markers, he can just roll the cart into whatever room he wants.

His art stuff is always clean, always neat, and always put away. Plus, nothing ever gets lost, so less meltdowns. Yay!

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big boy bedroom

Soften It Up

Since the bed is metal, the accent wall is rough, and the floors are wood, things were starting to look and feel a little hard and cold. I added this large super soft low-pile rug from Natural Area Rugs to give him a comfy place to sit while building with Legos. He’s got enough space on both sides of the bed, as well as in the front, for Hot Wheels drag races, Lego building competitions, and puzzle assembly.

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kid bedroom

He’s not the only one that likes his new room. Anakin LOVES the new Target bedding we picked up and has claimed Noah’s bed as his own. I always seem to find him in there snoozing in the afternoon sunlight. Noah’s room gets the best sun, and I’m just a little jealous about that.

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teen bedroom decor

Teenage Boy Room

The final thing I was so positive we needed to make sure of was that as he continues to get older, the room will grow with him. I was able to add kid stuff in to make it age appropriate, but the wall, furniture, bedding, and rug will stick with him as he becomes a teenager.

If Michael Jordan turns to Stephen Curry, or action figures turn to model cars, we won’t have to do much tweaking to keep up with his interests. The red, gray, and navy color scheme is appropriate for all ages, and the furniture could be suited for a kid or a grown man.

He’s really happy with how it turned out and he can’t wait to invite friends over to show them a “reveal.” I’m tellin’ ya. He’s so my kid.

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Accent Wall from MyWoodWall (use code LelaBurris for 20% off)

Rug from Natural Area Rugs

Bed and Nightstand was a hand-me-down (similar)

Comforter Set from Target

Sheet Set from Linens And Hutch (use code inthenewhouse for 30% off)

Cube Shelving from Target

Cube Bins from Amazon (best price I’ve found)

Rolling Cart from Target

Bookshelf from Target

If you have any other questions about what products I used or how I styled his room, please drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to give you more info. 🙂

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