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5 Ways To Store And Organize Crystals

Store and organize crystals and gemstones so only the best energy stays in your collection.

Setting intentions with crystals and gemstones? We’ve believed them to have healing qualities for centuries, and if you don’t embrace chakras (AKA those abilities), shiny and quirky home décor never hurts. But how do you store your crystals to keep them accessible and in prime condition?

I went from skeptic to collector quickly, but I still struggle to find the best storage for crystals. I can’t always have them on display, either. These 5 fellow bloggers shared their tips to store and organize crystals.

My Favorite Crystal Organization Hacks

1. Inside A Drawer

crystal organization idea from Ethan lasserini

If you have a large crystal collection, try Ethan’s method of storing them inside a drawer. He uses small gift boxes to organize the crystals into groups or categories. You can also use drawer compartments like these, which I use in almost every drawer of my own house.

2. Tiered Makeup Organizer

Need a portable way to store your crystals? One of my favorite crystal educators, Hibiscus Moon, shared a method from one of her healers, Lexi, that I absolutely love. Lexi used a collapsible makeup box to keep her crystals safe, organized, and dust free. Each category has a separate compartment to prevent scratches and chips.

3. Rainbow Pill Cases

crystal travel case idea from Finding Magick

Love taking your crystals with you when you travel, but never know how to pack them up safely? Jenn from Finding Magick came up with a genius travel hack that I can’t wait to try next time I pack my suitcase for a trip. Jenn makes sure her crystals are easy to find in her suitcase and packed individually to avoid accidental rub-action using this colorful stacking container set.

4. Custom Crystal Shelf

crystal storage idea from In My Sacred Space

If you worked hard for your collection, splurge and give it a dream home. That’s what Ashley from In My Sacred Space did. Her double triangle wall shelf keeps large stones protected while being pleasing to the (third) eye. I found a similar shelf here with a third triangle for liquid medicines like essential oils.

5. DIY Divided Container

diy divided organizer for crystals

Without question, the most popular method of storing and organizing crystals I’ve found is the humble craft box. But in true Lela fashion, I’m not paying $100 for something I can get for $2. I made my version of the divided craft box with felt to protect soft crystals. All I did was cut pieces of felt to fit each compartment and secured them with double-sided tape. If you can find a storage case that has the ability to remove and rearrange the dividers, even better.

Need More Storage Ideas?

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