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5 Ways To Enjoy New Year’s Eve At Home

Learn five ways to skip the cold, crowds, and craziness and celebrate New Year’s Eve at home instead. Written by Brad Gandy

Happy New Year! Let’s freeze our disco balls off, call a cab because we drank more tequila than a Costco stocks, and watch confetti fall from the sky while we re-learn how to count and kiss after all that booze. Wait, that doesn’t sound good to you? Me neither.

Now, look, if that is your idea of the perfect December 31st, by all means, go for it safely, especially if your town knows how to celebrate. But that’s not for everybody, and you can still ring in the new year in style. You don’t even have to put on real pants with these 5 ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home.

1. Binge Watch A TV Series

Prefer The Big Bang Theory over the Big Apple? Send the year off right with whichever group of couch buddies puts you in your happy place, whether that’s a sitcom, reality show, or live sports. If there is ever a night to stay glued to the TV with your beverage of choice, it’s this one.

2. Pick Twelve Songs For Your Playlist Of The Year

Which pop star makes you dance like no one’s watching? Which rock standard makes your passengers jealous of your dulcet voice in the car? And do you even remember what came out last February? Whether you want to relive or refresh, a playlist is a must for a relaxing evening.

I use Spotify for mine, and if you’ve done this before, it’s completely OK to add that Spice Girls song from the last 25 lists. If you want to get creative and go in order by month, a quick search for “songs [insert month and year]” gives a list of releases.

3. Start Exercising At 11:45

Then eat ice cream at midnight to celebrate your brand new cheat day. Can’t make it till 12? Ask Alexa to set a timer for 15 minutes, and start this tasty, well-deserved tradition anytime.

4. Create A Time Capsule

Fill a box with as many cheap (under $10) but time-appropriate items as you can find, and hide it somewhere on your property. Then, set a date to reopen the capsule (I’d recommend at least two years, unless you plan on moving soon) to trigger the nostalgia.

For an outside-the-box alternative, strike a pose for a selfie or family photo. Then, set a reminder on your phone to do it again next year. Eventually, it’ll become a tradition, and you can turn those photos into a calendar for yourself or a loved one.

5. Learn The Right Way To Write Resolutions

If you’re like me, you write resolutions because it’s an easy thing to do, and then you ditch them in January, because that’s an even easier thing to do.

There is a way to stick to them, and it’s called a planner. Not one that you bought at Staples to fit in your purse, but one specifically designed to help give yourself some personalized real talk and craft real plans to crush the next 365 days.

I’m using it to write my resolutions this year, so of course, that means I’m offering the Organized-ish New Year’s Resolutions Binder Kit to you, too, so we’re both setting more realistic goals than ever. If you’re more of a habit fan than a resolution junkie, this post can help you build twenty new ones without resolutions. If year-long goals seem unattainable, try 90-day goals instead.

Always Count Down On The Couch?

Comment below with how you celebrate New Year’s Eve at home. We love hearing what worked and didn’t work to make any year memorable for you.

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