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10 Organization Quotes to Live By

Ten quotes to help you get motivated to get your home and life more organized and actually keep it that way this time.

“I don’t have time for organization.” Hey, I get it. Organization is sometimes a real pain. If it’s your house, why not just arrange it the way you want to and not worry about whether everything has storage? Why is it important to make my closet look new again?

Well, the truth is that if you don’t get organized, you eventually lose control, and both your home and your life suffer along with you. Why would you want something you worked so hard for to look like it was thrown together at the last possible minute?

This is what I tell myself when I don’t feel like organizing, and sometimes, it just isn’t enough. To help get you motivated, I’ve put together ten organization quotes to live by every day, with some names you’ll almost certainly recognize. Written and curated by Brad Gandy

10 Motivational Quotes To Get Organized

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See, life may seem crazy, and yes, the cleanup cycle never seems to end, especially with kiddos running around like a herd of elephants. Let’s put it this way, though.

If a president, first lady, talk show billionaire, and home styling legend (and that’s only four out of ten!) could still find ways to keep organized in spite of their busy routines… So can you.

Love These Quotes?

Feel free to Pin them, screenshot them, or save them to your phone. They’re a great reminder for days when you’re feeling a bit unmotivated. And if you’re ready to get more organized, how about giving our 28 Day Decluttering Challenge a try? Just a few minutes a day will get your home noticeably more organized and help you build better habits. You can sign up by dropping your email address below and we’ll send it right over for free!


  1. L Dianne Jewell

    My hubby, dear heart that he is, is not a naturally organized person. Okay, he’s a walking clutter machine! He had our office looking like a bomb had gone off in there! I’ve been decluttering & organizing my way through the house, so I asked him if he could just put up/throw away 5 things everyday. Well, he has & now you can see there’s wood flooring in there! And a desk! In the past, asking him to “clean up in there” never got through to him. I guess just like us, men feel overwhelmed, too. (Duh! LOL) Five things a day felt like nothing, so it’s been very doable. He’s so proud of himself, sometimes he’ll come out w/ an armful and say got more than 5 this time! It’s surprisingly turned into a “thing” with us & now he’s pitching in all over the house. Naturally, I’M happier. That makes him happy that I’m happy! That’s the kind of cycle I can live with, let me tell you! 😁

    • Brad Gandy

      Yay! This makes us so happy, and yes, little cycles like that are exactly how we regain momentum ourselves. It’s a lot easier to start with one desk drawer, for example, than tackling the entire office. So glad he’s gotten into the habit with you now.

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