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Sophisticated Industrial Big Boy Bedroom Reveal

Noah’s room has been updated again! To see his newest bedroom reveal, visit this blog post.

My kid is eight years old. He likes super heroes and video games and drawing pictures. Just like all the other eight year old boys in his class. But he also likes fedoras, tuxedos, and fancy dinner parties. He’s a classy little man, he says. A grown up in a kid’s body, he thinks. A future GQ model with pockets full of cash, he announces often.

Red and Gray Big Boy Room

So when he decided it was time for a big boy bedroom, he had his own design plan drawn out and listed to the T. He said he wanted an Industrial Style New York Loft Apartment Belonging To A Successful Male Model. Um…where he got that? No idea.

But I’m just the right mom that can make that vision a reality. He wants a grown man bachelor pad? You got it. (With a hint of super heroes, of course. Because he hasn’t grown out of those yet.)

UPDATE: Noah’s room has been updated again! To see his newest bedroom reveal, visit this blog post.

Bedroom Before

This is what we were working with. When we moved into The New House, he begged and pleaded for a futon so he could have a couch for playing video games. He quickly realized they aren’t very comfortable for sleeping on. So that was on the Out list for sure.

And we never painted the walls when we moved in so he inherited the most ugly shade of brown on the paint market. We knew we would eventually make some changes so we didn’t bother immediately.

Bedroom and Shelving before

The room was filled with a hodgepodge of hand-me-downs. The dresser and bookshelves were mine when I was a kid. The toybox was built by my father’s grandfather and was passed on through generations and has been painted an array of colors over time. And the desk and chair came from my mother’s garage.

Big Boy Room with gray and red

After getting the blueprints and wishlist from the boss (my very specific kiddo), I got to work on a very rainy weekend.

With his Pinterest board pulled up on the tablet (yeah, he made it himself) I turned his little boy junk room into his dream man cave.

Gray and red big boy room

We painted the walls a cool gray and the room was instantly so much brighter.  The furniture got a dark matte gray makeover with metallic accents (tutorial here!). We went with lightweight bedding for the spring and summer and a heavier comforter at the foot of the bed for chilly nights.

UPDATE: Noah’s room has been updated again! To see his newest bedroom reveal, visit this blog post.

Industrial Gray Boys Room

The family heirloom toybox got a fresh coat of paint, too.

It makes the perfect spot for reading a book and doubles as extra toy storage.

Store stuffed animals in baskets hung on the wall with heavy duty hooks

Speaking of toy storage, my dude has a LOT of stuffed animals.

That cheapo corner net we had before just wasn’t doing it for us. It was too high, hard to get to, and, well, not so attractive. We found these great baskets on clearance at Michaels for $14 each and hung them on the wall with heavy duty hooks.

A step stool is stored underneath for reaching the higher basket and shelves.

Rustic Industrial Pendant Light over kids bed

He saw a light fitxure in my Market warehouse (discontinued) and just had to have it for his room.

We attached it with pulleys so it can be raised or lowered for bedtime reading. He said it gave the room “character.”

He’s so my kid.

UPDATE: Noah’s room has been updated again! To see his newest bedroom reveal, visit this blog post.

Paint a child sized desk with chalkboard paint

The desk got a coat of chalkboard paint and the chair was painted to match the other furniture. We faced it outward in the room so he could see his TV while working on his art projects.

The furniture layout really gave the room an inviting vibe.

Kids bedroom hand me down furniture gets a big boy room makeover

His friends came over last weekend and were pretty jealous of his man room.

He loved showing it off.

Big Boy Bedroom

And of course, his fedora hangs right beside the door for a quick grab and go.

Because that’s how GQ models roll.

Want to see how I pulled off painting laminate furniture? It’s not hard at all, just a little stinky. Click here for the tutorial!

 big boy industrial modern rustic bedroom

UPDATE: Noah’s room has been updated again! To see his newest bedroom reveal, visit this blog post.


  1. Kristen Raynor

    Hi there! I know this post is fairly old but I wondered if you could tell me what gray paint colors you used for the walls and furniture. They work so well together and I am trying to figure out what colors to use in my son’s bedroom. Thanks!

    • Brad - Admin

      Hi, Kristen. Those grays were part of the Glidden Disney paint collection, but that line has since been discontinued. I would go with a light gray and a medium gray of you (or your son’s) choosing if you have that industrial look in mind.

  2. What a GREAT makeover. I love all your, and your son’s ideas; especially your color choices and the ceiling light fixture. What an awesome mom you are for allowing, even encouraging, your son, to have an equal say on the changes to HIS room. Overall project A+. Designer/Mom A+. Son/Creative Consultant A++

    • Lela Burris

      Thank you so much Brenda! What a kind comment. I try to let him be creative with his space so it doesn’t feel like just another one of Mom’s design projects.

  3. I want your kid! He has flair and a career ahead.

  4. You two sure came up with an awesome room. I can’t imagine someone that young being that opinionated about how he wants his room; that is great! Even though individual components weren’t that expensive, the classy way you arranged them, painted them, added pops of color, etc. just resulted in a real, carefully curated look. It saddened me that I could never do that for my son (now 33)! Give that kid a hug from me!

    • Thanks Kathy! He is definitely opinionated, and now that he’s turning 10, he’s already planning his Next room redecorating project. Ha! And maybe your son will have grandkids for you to help decorate for. 🙂

  5. I love this room! Your son is very talented and awesome. He SO gets it from you. I just started following you and I look forward to seeing more!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Andreiona! I’m so glad you’re here and I’m excited to get to know you!

  6. What an awesome makeover! Sounds like you got one great young man on your hands! I’m currently working on my 9 year olds room and I pinned this for inspiration!

    • Thank you Linda! I think decorating little boy’s rooms is the most fun. I just love the masculine colors and materials. Thanks for the pin!

  7. Sandra gandy

    I love the room. every single detail is awesome. wow! what an amazing young man with so much class! and so very lucky to have such a talented mom.

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