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The Best Command Products For A Home Gym

Think outside the basic Command hook with these eight products to organize your home gym and keep the room clean on a minimal budget.

I just finished my home gym remodel, and I was working with a really tight budget. One of my go-to products for organization without breaking the bank is the Command brand. You probably think Command is just various hooks, but they actually have a lot of other products for organization that aren’t hooks at all. To keep the price tag low, I used eight different kinds of Command products in my home gym. Here’s all 8 and how I used them.

*This post is NOT sponsored by Command, and I purchased all products with my own money.

8 Command Products For Home Gym Organization

1. Spray Bottle Holders for cleaners and air fresheners
2. Spring Load Clips for microfiber cleaning cloths
3. Picture Ledge for phone or tablet streaming while on a cardio machine
4. Key Hooks for small accessories like jump ropes and resistance bands, along with ear buds
5. Towel Hooks for keeping towels off the floor, also for hanging hoodies
6. Velcro Strips for hanging lightweight mirrors
7. Shower Basket for corralling yoga socks, workout gloves, and equipment accessories
8. Broom & Mop Holder so your cleaning tools are off the floor and within easy reach

home gym storage with command hooks

Why Use Command Products In Your Home Gym?

For me, the answer was simple. The cost and the variety. I didn’t want to shell out a ton of cash for different hooks, shelves, and baskets. I also didn’t want to spend an entire day browsing online from store to store looking for different options and comparing them. Command has so many types of organizers and sticking within that one brand family made my shopping faster and easier.

Command products are also really fast and simple to install. I may make changes to my gym later, and I didn’t want to have to patch up a bunch of holes in the wall if if I rearrange things. Plus, my hands were blistered from all that painting and I honestly just didn’t want to use my drill. (haha, sad but true!)

home gym phone tablet shelf

Where To Buy Command Products For Your Home Gym

Most stores like Walmart and Target have the basic Command hooks and strips, and they also have some of the cleaner holders, but I haven’t seen the specialty stuff like what I used in stores. I even checked big box home improvement stores locally and they didn’t have them either. I’m not sure if they never carry them or were just sold out, but I didn’t have any luck buying most of my products in person.

I bought everything from Amazon, and they have all the specialty products like picture ledges and hanging baskets. It’s also really easy to just pop it all in a cart online and have it all delivered to me so I don’t have to put on real pants and go out to a store. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription, here’s a link to a free trial so you get free 2 Day shipping for a month.

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