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How Cricut Joy Can Transform Your Organizing Business

Learn how you can level up your professional organizing business by adding a Cricut Joy to your tool bag.

As a home organizer, you take pride in not just your work cleaning up clutter, but also the finishing touches that really turn a blah room into something impressive. I know, because I’m a pro organizer too. While your main goal is to help your clients achieve a sense of calm, control, and peace in their home, you know they have an underlying expectation that hiring you will result in a TV show-worthy reveal. And you know just as well as I do what really adds icing to the cake…labels. I want to introduce you to the ultimate label maker, Cricut Joy, and show you how this miniature superhero can transform your business like you never expected.

Cricut Joy Review and Beginners Guide

Meet Cricut Joy

Cricut Joy is a small, portable cutting machine that can cut vinyl and paper, and also write on it for you. It’s incredibly easy to use, lightweight, and fast to set up, so you can take it with you to all your sessions and let it work on making your labels while you spend thirty minutes convincing the husband that you’re not going to touch his side of the closet. (I know you feel me on this!)

The way Cricut Joy works is pretty simple. You insert either a roll of Cricut Smart Vinyl, Smart Label, or adhesive backed paper into the machine, tell the app on your phone to either cut or write your pre-made labels, and once it’s done you prepare and adhere your labels. Easy enough, right?
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I know you’re thinking, “Lela, I already have a label maker. Why would I need Cricut Joy?” Well I’ve got five reasons that will quickly change your mind.

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Why Organizers Need Cricut Joy

1. You can make frame-free gorgeous vinyl text labels for containers.

I’m not talking about those printed labels your current machine makes. I’m talking Mac-Daddy labels. The ones your client swoons over on Pinterest. Text only, frame-free, vinyl decal words permanently adhered onto a container so it will never curl or wrinkle. These vinyl text labels make plain Walmart containers like the ones above look crazy-expensive.

Cricut Joy bathroom labels

2. It’s perfect for us organizers that weren’t born with perfect handwriting.

Some organizers can hand letter the most beautiful written labels onto paper tags. I am not one of those people. For years, I would rely solely on my label maker and Canva for printed tags because my handwriting didn’t make labels that warranted payment. I have had clients in the past ask for pretty scripted labels like they saw from a certain popular brand (you know who!), and I just couldn’t do it. But the Cricut Joy can actually write print and script, and no one can tell a machine did it. Plus, it will cut the tags out for you, too!

Lela Burris organized desk drawer with labels

3. You can make picture decal labels for kids’ spaces.

This has been a game changer for my business. Instead of labeling toddlers’ containers in their closets and playrooms with words they can’t even read yet, I can now use Cricut Joy to cut out picture decal stickers of what goes inside. Parents have called me over and over again thanking me for these labels, and constantly tell me that their three year old cleans up his playroom on his own because the picture of the car on the container makes him want to keep his cars there now. Get ready for lots of follow-up praise!

4. You can have your assistant manage the machine while you work with your client.

I keep pre-made label templates in Cricut Design Space, which is the software you use to create your designs for Cricut Joy to cut. Since I already have the templates ready in a few different fonts, my assistant can change any words needed for labels and adjust the sizing. Then, after all the labels are cut, she can weed the vinyl and apply transfer tape, then apply them all for me while I’m working on other things. I usually just slap a post it note onto containers with the word that needs to go there, and my assistant replaces the post-it with the Cricut label.

PS: “Weed the vinyl” means removing the negative space from the word. You use a special pick called a weeding tool and pull up any vinyl pieces that shouldn’t be there, like around the word and inside letters like D and P. So all you’re left with is the vinyl that makes the word. And transfer tape is a clear sticky sheet of plastic that pulls the words off their backing and allows you to adhere them onto the container all at once instead of letter by letter.

pantry label font for Cricut

5. You can charge more!

YES! Now let’s talk about MONEY! Now that you can create high-quality labels for your clients, you can charge more for this service. I don’t use my Cricut Joy for every client project, but I offer it as an upgrade. They can get standard labels with my regular package, or they can upgrade to Cricut Vinyl Labels for an added fee. I usually take a container with both labels on it to my consultations so they can compare and decide if the extra money is worth it.

Just make sure you factor in the cost of the vinyl, transfer tape, and additional time it will take to make the labels. If you can get a feel for what labels you’ll need during your consultation, you can pre-make and prep them all before your session. I typically keep a bunch of pre-made vinyl labels in various sizes and fonts on hand that I make on rainy off-days.

Cricut Joy Starter Kit Shopping List For Organizers

If you’re ready to add Cricut Joy to your organizing team, it can be a little overwhelming when you visit Cricut’s website or hit the Cricut aisle at the craft store. There are a lot of supplies there that you don’t really need unless you plan on making crafts with it, too.

If you’re just planning on using Cricut Joy for client sessions, here’s a list of starter supplies you should invest in:

Cricut Joy Smart Labels

What’s The Investment?

To get everything on that list above, you’re looking at about $400-$600 depending on what’s on sale and the quantities you buy. To me, it’s a no-brainer that the price is worth it, especially since you can uncharge your labels by 2 to 3 times your cost. And since you’re going to be producing even more professional-looking work now, you can even raise your package pricing, too.

I know the Cricut Joy was really made to be a smaller crafting machine for those who live in small apartments or are only hobby crafters, but it’s quickly becoming the gold standard for home organizers. By jumping on the Joy Train early, you’ll set yourself apart from other local organizers who haven’t found out about it yet.

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If you’re still not sure what all Cricut Joy can do, I have a bunch of blog posts that cover all its capabilities and some tutorials, too. This post shows you what you get inside the box when you buy it, and this post answers the most frequently asked questions. This post shows you how I use the Smart Labels, and this one shows Smart Vinyl in action. Feel free to browse around the blog, or use the search bar at the top of the site to find all my Cricut Joy posts to help you make your decision.

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