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How To Deep Clean A Bathroom

It’s Day Three of the Spring Cleaning Series and I can already tell that you’re all in. Either you’re loving the results of your fresh, clean bedroom, or you’re just on a coffee high, but whatever the reason, I promise this hard core cleaning sesh is totally worth it. Ready for another round? Grab your rubber gloves and turn on your favorite podcast, because today we’re tackling the bathroom.

Spring Cleaning Binge Series: Day 3- Bathroom

Deep Cleaning A Bathroom

You may think your bathroom is pretty clean already, and it likely is if you stick to cleaning it weekly. But there are some things you just don’t do all the time, and now is prime time to knock it all out. Spring Cleaning is when you take the extra steps to make sure your bathroom is extra clean, super sanitized, and organized enough to keep you from having another morning meltdown.

This is my tried and true method for deep cleaning a bathroom to make it sparkle like it did when it was brand-spankin’ new.

keep bathroom clean when selling house

1. Clear out everything you possibly can.

Any movable furniture, all the fabrics (shower curtains, window curtains, rugs, towels, etc), and the contents of every single drawer and cabinet should be taken out of the bathroom and packed up in a big tote for now. Panicking yet? I promise, it’s going to be okay. Pour yourself a glass of wine and dig in, Girl. You’re going to love the way this turns out.

2. Clean the “Bones”

Yesterday in the Bedroom post, I talked about the Bones of a room. Just like you did in your bedroom, you’ll clean the Bones of the bathroom first, too.

My Recommended Bathroom Cleaning Method:

  1. Ceiling and ceiling mounted lights and fans first
  2. Walls and windows next
  3. Showers and tubs
  4. Toilet, inside and out
  5. Mirrors and wall-mounted lighting
  6. Sinks and countertops
  7. Cabinets and drawers
  8. Floors and baseboards last

3. Wash linens and fabrics

Launder everything that hangs out in the bathroom. Use the hottest setting your fabrics can handle (check the label for info) and use the Sanitize cycle if your washer and dryer has it. Replace the shower curtain liner with a new one (they’re only $5 and they are more trouble to clean than they’re worth) and clean rugs based on the manufacturer’s suggestions.

4. Address repair needs

While you’re cleaning, you may notice leaks, clogs, cracks, tile damage, or worn caulk and grout. Go ahead and address those as soon as possible while they’re at the top of your mind. Check the tightness of the flapper inside your toilet tank and make sure the sink pipes aren’t dripping inside the cabinet. Touch up caulk and grout or hire a pro to redo it if it’s in bad shape.

5. Organize your supplies

As you start bringing back in all your stuff, don’t just pop it all back in the drawers and cabinets it was in before. Take some time to organize, declutter, and purge all the things you really don’t need anymore. That includes old makeup, worn towels, and broken hair appliances. Need more ideas? Here’s a post full of stuff you’ve got in your home that you should get rid of ASAP.

Read For More?

Tomorrow’s next installment in the Spring Cleaning Series is all about cleaning your Kitchen! I’m showing up with ten of my best cleaning tips, and you won’t want to miss them! See ya tomorrow! And until then, take a nice long soak in that fresh clean bathtub of yours.

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Grab my 20+ page Spring Cleaning Planner inside the Organized-ish Binder Kit Collection for room-by-room checklists of anything and everything you could possibly clean in your house. These checklists will keep you on track and help you breeze through your cleaning sessions without forgetting a thing. I even created a cleaning supply shopping list and timeline for you to follow so you don’t have to do any planning at all.


  1. A tip for the shower curtain liner: put it in the laundry with a load of towels. The towels scrub the liner, then you just hang it up to dry!

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