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5 Things You Should Always Have In Your Purse

These five must-haves should be in your purse at all times so you’re as Organized-ish as possible when you’re out and about.

Whether you have a giant tote bag, a small purse, or a leather fanny pack (can we please bring back the fanny pack?!), you’ve always got your wallet and a few essentials in there, right? But there are a few other things you should be keeping on hand that you might not have even thought about. As a busy Organized-ish woman, I know you like to be prepared, so I put together a quick list of five things you should pop in your bag tonight so you’ll have them tomorrow. Just in case! Trust me, once you need them and they’re there, you’ll be so glad you listened to this chick on the internet.

5 Things To Add To Your Purse Today

1. Tape Measurer

How many times have you been at HomeGoods, saw the most perfect desk, couldn’t find a paper measuring tape in the store, and attempted to guess by laying your arm or shoe over the furniture and hope you’re somewhat right? And how many times were you really right. It’s so annoying to have to return something because it was too big or too small, and even more frustrating when you skip out completely because you’re just not sure it would fit. By keeping a small tape measurer in your purse, you can check measurements anytime and save yourself a lot time, money, and trips to the return aisle.

2. Notepad And A Few Pens

You never know when you might need to make a quick note, write down instructions for a friend, or map out something for reference. Keep a notepad with blank unlined paper in your bag, along with a few pens, so you always have something to write on if you need it. Bonus points if you have young kiddos, because they’re perfect for games of tic tac toe while waiting on food to come to the table at restaurants. I love my MochiThings Better Together wallet because it comes with a notepad inside and has a slot for storing pens.

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3. A Few Snacks

It seems like some days are just longer than others. Between traffic, unexpected errands, a flat tire, or just no time to eat lunch, we may find ourselves at that point when it’s 5pm and we realized we haven’t eaten since this morning. By keeping a few snacks in your bag you can keep that hungry-headache from rolling in when your schedule is jam-packed. A few protein bars, fruit snacks, or any other healthy snack that won’t spoil or melt is ideal.

4. Mini First Aid Kit

Keeping a first aid kit in your purse sounds almost over-the-top, but I promise you it’s worth it. You don’t need a whole supply kit, but you do need a few essentials like bandaids, tweezers, antiseptic cream, alcohol wipes, and blister covers (for sore heels with new shoes) to keep you safe for unexpected cuts and splinters. You can buy a mini pre-made first aid kit like this one, or you can make your own by stashing a few of each item from your home first aid kit into a small makeup pouch.

5. A Multi-Tool

Don’t you dare tell me this is a man thing. We need a multi tool more than dudes! Find one with a small screwdriver for quick glasses repair, tiny scissors for cutting stray clothing treads, and a small knife for opening things. I guarantee you’ll use that tool at least once a week, and your man will probably even ask to borrow it, too. I really like this one from Amazon, but you can find a lot of varieties at your local hardware store, too.

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