pantry container expiration date with chalkboard vinyl
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Easy DIY Expiration Date Tags For Pantry Containers

Learn how to make reusable chalkboard expiration date tags for clear food storage containers to keep your pantry organized and your food fresh.

I have a love-hate relationship with those clear food storage bins for pantries. They look great, keep your food fresh, and are easily stackable. But they also cause new and old food to mingle together, sometimes can’t hold all of a package’s contents, and lack expiration dates which can lead to accidentally eating spoiled food.

I was able to solve the expiration date problem last weekend when I came across some scrap pieces of chalkboard vinyl I had used in another project. A lightbulb went off in my head and in less than 30 minutes my entire pantry now had expiration date tags. Here’s how I did it.

diy expiration date chalkboard labels with cricut vinyl

Supplies You Need

chalkboard expiration date labels for pantry containers

How To Make Chalkboard Pantry Expiration Date Tags

1. Gather your chalkboard sticker labels and cut them down to size if they’re too big for your containers. If you’re using a roll of chalkboard vinyl, measure and cut each tag to the size you need.

2. Peel the backing off the chalkboard labels and adhere to the lower section of the back of each container. This keeps the label from being seen from the front, even if the contents is low.

Tip: Don’t put the label on the bottom of the container. The chalk marker will get rubbed off and the label will get damaged and scraped up.

diy pantry container chalk tags for expiration date

3. Prime your chalkboard labels by rubbing the side of a piece of traditional chalk over the surface lightly, then wiping away with a dry cloth. This helps prevent chalk marker “ghosting” which is a faint outline that’s super hard to remove.

4. Using a chalk marker with very light pressure, write the expiration date on each tag. If you aren’t sure because the contents has been there for a while, give it your best guess.

5. To update tags later, erase chalk marker expiration dates with a damp cloth, allow to dry completely, re-prime with traditional chalk, and write new date with a chalk marker after refilling the container with new contents.

PS: You can snoop around my super-organized pantry here.

pantry container expiration date with chalkboard vinyl

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