how Lela Burris organizes planner supplies and Cricut Joy materials at home
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How I Organize My Hobby Craft Supplies At Home

Learn how to organize a rolling cart with hobby supplies like journaling and crafting for portable small space storage.

Now that I have my Studio that houses all my major craft supplies, I don’t really have a lot of craft supplies in my actual house. Which is fine, because I really enjoy crafting in my Studio. But I do have some hobby crafts that I like to do at home while I’m watching TV on the sofa with the family on a Friday evening. I got tired of dragging things back and forth in tote bags from the studio to my house, so I decided to fill up a portable cart to stash it all.

I ended up going with this gift wrap cart from Honey Can Do, and while it’s actually made for holding gift wrap supplies, it worked out perfectly for my Cricut Joy materials and my planner/journaling stuff. So whether you have a small apartment with no space to store your craft supplies, or a big craft room but you just like to work at your bed sometimes, I hope this little tour of my craft cart gets you inspired to make your own mobile hobby station.

Cricut Joy storage cart idea

The Cart I Used

I started with this gift wrap cart because it has three drawers and tons of extra storage space on all four sides. I already use another rolling cart from the same company for my Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore Air 2 supplies (you can see how I organized that cart here) so I was excited to try this one. It was super easy to put together, and packaged really well, too.

Don’t listen to the instruction book when it says it takes 30 minutes to assemble though. I watched the entire movie of Legally Blonde while I built it. But it was so worth it because this thing is heavy, sturdy, and has held up to me rolling it around almost daily for the last few weeks.

journaling and planner supplies storage cart

The Top Shelf

Inside the top shelf I store all my pens and markers for journaling and doodling, along with basic tools for using with my Cricut Joy. I found these wooden pencil holders from Target in the craft section, and three of them fit perfectly in the top shelf of the cart. It’s like they were made to be best friends.

journal planner bujo pens and markers storage cart

I also keep my planner in the top shelf since there’s a small gap between the wooden organizers and the side of the cart. I forgot to include that in the photo, but I like to keep my planner with my pens so I can doodle away without any setup, and it’s too big to fit inside the drawers.

Cricut Joy craft storage cart with drawers

The Three Drawers

The three drawers are the perfect size to hold all my small hobby craft supplies. The first drawer holds my journaling and planner supplies like stencils, stickers, templates, rulers, clips, and Washi tape.

The second and third drawers hold my Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl and Smart Labels. I keep most of my Cricut materials in my Studio since that’s where I do most of my crafting, but I use my Cricut Joy at home for making organizing labels, fun personal projects, and school projects with my son.

Cricut Joy storage cart idea

The Lower Shelves

The lower shelves hold my Cricut Joy stuff. I keep the machine on the first shelf, and the second one holds two containers with power cords and Insert Card Kits. I got these storage containers from Target and they happen to fit perfectly, too. Target for the win!

Lela Burris mobile craft storage cart for Cricut Joy and planner bujo journal pens and markers

Additional Storage Spaces

One side has two dowels that can hold hanging things like craft supplies and ribbon. I have some S-hooks on the way that I ordered to add pails for more planner supplies here.

The other side is completely blank, which makes it perfect for adding Command hooks to hold more supplies like a makeshift pegboard. I love Command hooks and will slap those babies on just about anything.

And the back of the cart is actually made to hold rolls of wrapping paper. Since I’m using it as a hobby craft cart, I don’t really need wrapping paper there, so I’m currently not using that part. But I have been brainstorming some ideas for modifying it. Or maybe I’ll just add more Command hooks. Can’t go wrong with that!

lap desk for planner and bujo

The cherry on top is my lap desk, also from HCD, that I keep with the cart. I just keep it right on top of the markers when it’s being stored in my guest room, and it’s the perfect little workspace for planner doodling while binging a new series on Netflix on the sofa or writing out my new moon goals in bed every month.

how Lela Burris organizes planner supplies and Cricut Joy materials at home

Want More Craft Storage Ideas

Oh Girl, I’ve got you covered! Whether you have a small craft closet, a full room, or just a nook in your dining room, I geek out on sharing ways to organize all your supplies and materials. You can scroll through all my craft supply organizing tips and tutorials, and get on the waitlist for my signature Craft Room Organizing E-Course. It launched early Spring of 2021, and will reopen its doors this fall to a new round of students.

Would a rolling cart like this work for your craft hobbies at home? Drop a comment below and let me know how you would use this cart, and if you buy one, snap a pic once it’s all full and tag me on Instagram @lelaburris. I would love to see it!

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